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Looking for innovative solutions for a better world…

We are a team of researchers and developers with an ambition of providing sustainable solutions towards a safe world for all.

The world suffers from our industrial activities. Although we have missed many opportunities, we need to take emergency actions before it becomes too late. Our team seeks innovative solutions about any opportunity that can reduce or mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment.

About the Projects

Heat Booster and Cooler Technology (HBCT)

Innovative Technology for Heating and Cooling of Residential and Industrial Spaces

Utilizing innovative technology can reduce our negative impact on the environment. Our team is developing a product to provide Combined Cooling, Heat, and electric Power (CCHP) for residential and industrial spaces. The technology can consume any high-grade heat source ( 200-800 °C), and boost it 2-4 times for lower-grade heat and cooling applications in residential and industrial spaces. Any source of heat from solar, biomass and wasted heat can be used. The technology can generate electric power on request, or reversely can consume electricity for heating or cooling applications. An important feature of this technology is that environmentally harmful refrigerants are completely eliminated.

The technology needs a source of high-grade heat ( high temperature) to operate, there is a possibility to store excess energy in thermal batteries which are much cheaper and environmentally friendly than chemical batteries. The stored heat can be used on-demand. The figure shows one application for the technology with a source of solar energy for heating and cooling applications. However, there are many other applications for the technology that are listed here.

  • Heat booster for residential and industrial spaces that already are burning gas for heating
  • Consuming biomass such as pellet woods for CCHP applications
  • Converting waste heat of engine in refrigerator trucks to cool down the refrigerator
  • Burning biomass for heating the farming greenhouses in winter.
  • Solar cooling for warm regions
  • Industrial driers

An innovative Cryogenic Carbon Capture and Heat Boosting (3C-HB) technology

An innovative technology that can capture carbon dioxide with cooling.

Bio-energy with carbon capture and storage technologies (BECCS), are the technologies that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it permanently in geological storage with the aid of plants. However, the process is an economic way to provide the required heat and electricity as well.

Our team is developing a technology that can solidify and capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flue gas of combustion by cooling it to very low temperatures, below -100°C. The technology can simultaneously boost the heating energy for heating systems. Solidifying CO2 can simplify transport and storage. Solid CO2, commonly known as dry ice, is easier to handle and transport compared to gas or liquid CO2. The proposed technology needs no electricity as the source of energy and can reduce the cost of carbon capture substantially. The process is an environmentally friendly technology that does not need chemical material to operate.

Our Values

Sustainable Development

Innovative technology consistent with 2030 agenda

As a roadmap for sustainable future, we have focused on 7 goales of sustainable development agenda 2030.

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